Danish produced windows and doors, delivered on time.



MEJAN WINDOWS OF THE FUTURE offers quality windows, doors and specialty items. We know what it takes for you to enjoy your new windows and doors for many years.


We offer and produce windows, doors and special elements according to your needs, measures and wishes.


We have over 30 years of window experience and can advise, guide you to the right window choice.

New energy efficient windows and doors from MEJAN WINDOWS EF THE FUTURE save energy for many years,

so we / you are helping to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions of your new windows


All windows and doors are manufactured by the best technical ways.


Raw materials are carefully selected, windows and doors are probably some of the best ar the market.


Quality energy efficient windows and doors in Timber, Alu-clad, Mahogany, Sliding-sash, Coupled or Secondary windows - the choice is yours - we are ready to assist YOU.





Buy Mejan windows and get a quote within 24 hours


Danish windows with Danish

producer warranty.


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All windows and doors with the European testing.


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Learn an see How to measure your windows up.





Advice & Guidance


Timber windows

Fixe windows

Entrance doors

Measuring Windows

Drawings - timber

Alu-Clad windows

Top guided windows

Terrace doors


Drawings - Alu-Clad

Alu-Clad+ windows

Fully reversible windows

Plate / Flush doors

Iinstallation advice

Drawings - Coupled

Mahogany windows

Tilt and Turn windows

Folding / Concertina doors

User advice

Drawings - Secondary

Sliding sash windows

Side hung / guided windows

Sliding doors

Maintenance advice

Glass details

Coupled windows

Dannebrogs windows



Colour details

Secondary windows





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